Tina Ferraro

I've been writing since I learned to hold a pencil, and sold upwards of a hundred short stories to national magazines before turning to novels. A transplanted New Yorker, I share a home in southern California with my rocket scientist husband, some demanding cats, and whichever of our grown kids is in town. When not behind a keyboard, my interests include reading, the color orange, and chasing coyotes out of the neighborhood.

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Regular, everyday me, with towel-dried hair and just a little make-up.


My Random House author photo. My editor thought I looked "approachable" in it, which thrilled me because I like nothing better than talking to readers about my books.


My “updo” for the Romance Writers of America Rita® Award Ceremony, where one of my books was up for Best Young Adult Novel.

With my fear of snakes, some people have teased me that there's one in 
the trees behind me.  I don't know...you be the judge!


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