Few Words About My Books

My teenaged niece recently commented to her father about my books: “Aunt Tina really understands how teenagers think.” My brother laughed and said, “That’s because Aunt Tina still is a teenager.” Haha, well, I wouldn’t go that far. I’m a full-fledged adult with lots of grown-up responsibilities, but I love nothing more than to slipping into my teen characters, to remember when my whole life is still ahead of me. It’s empowering to feel I can still make my first million before my first wrinkle, ace a difficult exam and look amazing in skinny jeans. And nothing wrong with that!


Probably not a good idea to take advice from your dead twin sister. High school sophomore Trisha Traynor and friends have played the Halloween mirror game for years, the one that’s supposed to show a glimpse of the guy they’ll marry. But no one’s ever seen anything. Until tonight­when Trisha is gob smacked by the candlelit arrival of her long-deceased twin sister, instead of her crush, Kirk Maxwell. In a voice and vision that only Trisha can hear and see, Chessie claims to be back on a compassionate journey. Trisha fears she's gone nuthouse crazy. But she nonetheless follows the instructions Chessie outlines in their nightly conversations, until she finds herself stepping across some ethical lines, and probably ending all chances with Kirk. When a sisterly showdown ensues, resulting in the shattering of the mirror, Chessie’s gone again, and a heartsick Trisha sets about righting her recent wrongs. That is, until she stumbles upon the real reason Chessie had come back and the most important glimpse yet that the mirror could never predict.


17 year-old Courtney is completely stressed.  There's the rift with her softball teammates, homework, housework,  her part-time job at the tux shop, her dad’s upcoming wedding...enough!  Would it be too much to ask for someone special in her life,  a boyfriend she could talk to, count on, even lean on a little?

The best she’s got is a blue-eyed surfer boy who seems to save his  biggest moves for his board,  and a “friend date” to Homecoming with a guy still in love with his ex.  Oh, and then there’s the tuxedo mannequin in the shop window,  who happens to be reliable and an amazing listener.

When the mannequin gets stolen in a senior prank,  Courtney finds herself in a midnight pursuit along beach boulevards,  trying to save more than the mannequin, but the job she’s come to love.  After turning to the unlikeliest of people for help, and finding that surfer boy is  as resourceful as he is good-looking, her load begins to lighten.  In fact, she soon might find not only what she needs,  but what she wants, too.


Sophomore year Nicolette Antonovich was dumped two days before prom by the hottest guy at school --Rod "Rascal" Pasqual. As a result, she became the proud owner of one unworn, perfectly magical pink vintage dress. And she got to stare at it all evening long as a reminder.

But Nic is determined to put that night behind her for good. She's a junior now--older, wiser, and completely overwhelmed by a new set of problems: The bank's ready to foreclose on her childhood home. Her father's too busy with his "replacement' daughter to care. Her best friend's brother is an eternal thorn in her side. Her best friend isn't exactly the rose attached to that thorn. Rumors are flying around school that could get her kicked off the volleyball team, which would ruin all chances of a college scholarship. She still likes the boy who dumped her in the first place.

And what in the world do you do with an unworn prom dress, anyway?  Strangely, it's getting to the bottom of this last dilemma that just might hold the answer to all Nic's problems.



Shauna O'Reilly's finishing up the bachelorette weekend of her best friend's dreams, but with a little luck of the Irish, her own hottest fantasies are about to come true--with Micah Matheus, the one who got away.


Parker Stanhope's friends got promoted to Varsity soccer without her. Desperate to make things right, she has concocted a crazy-but-just-might-work plan that includes kissing the socks off the prom king at the Sports Fair Kissing Booth. Between now and then, she needs to learn everything she can about kissing - somehow. She finds a "coach" in the most unlikely of guys - but suddenly keeping that relationship a secret becomes as dire as her need to win back her soccer status and her friends.


At seventeen, Kate has one goal in life: to become a millionaire before the age of twenty. (Okay, twenty-five if she hits some bumps in the road.) And as far as she's concerned, college will only slow her down. Unfortunately for Kate, the one thing her parents agree on is that they totally disagree with her strategy. And so a deal is born: if Kate can raise five thousand big ones by graduation day, her parents will hand over the balance of her college account to invest as she pleases.

When Kate reluctantly agrees to go to the sports banquet with the hottest guy at school, she stumbles upon a possible cash cow. The rest of the senior class is amazed that no-nonsense Kate could hook such a hottie, and one by one they approach her for help hooking their own. She doesn't know a thing about getting guys, but for a hundred dollars a pop, she's more than willing to invent a Six-Point Plan. And how could that possibly backfire?


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